Roma Suite

The main attractions in Rome are: St. Peter’s church and Vatican Museum, Colosseo and Roman Forum, the main squares such as Piazza Navona,  Campo de Fiori, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon etc.

Other interesting museums are Galleria Borghese as first, then our favourite is Palazzo Massimo alle Terme.

Rome is rich of large and elegant parks, the more central one and closer to our apartments is the park of Villa Borghese.

Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums are the most famous museums in Rome and they are usually very crowded, if you have a strict schedule you might want to consider to buy tickets in advance and you can do that directly on the following website:

This is the official Vatican web site and they also provide for guided tours.


If you wish ot have an alternative for guided tour operators, we will be willing to give you our recommandation by e-mail, so write us at

The visit at the Vatican Museums includes the visit to the Sistine Chapel, masterpiece of Michelangelo.

Galleria Borghese

After Vatican Museums, the most wellknown main museum of Rome is Galleria Borghese. In this case reservation is strictly mandatory; if you might have in your plans to visit this museum please check before the site:

In the picture below you can see the front facade of the building


For other museums, such as Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, there’s no queue at all or line’s length is always acceptable.

Here are info about the above mentioned museum, which has an amazing collection of mosaics and painting decoration and much more:



Usually, there is always a queue also to get inside Colosseo, but you can avoid the line going first to visit the Roman Forum and Palatine hill (a combo ticket for both areas, but Roman Forum has two entrances and most of the people go first to see the Colosseo). Once you have your tickets purchased at the Forum’s ticket office and after your visit to the Forum, you can get inside directly to the Colosseo without queuing.

Here is the site to book in advance the tickets:

Another possibility to skip lines is buying the Roma Pass. Please, find all information on the following site:

Some years ago, Roma Pass was a real convenient solution but its price had increased a lot in a very short time… Read everything and make well your considerations before buying it.